The room of the Immaculate Conception as part of the Vatican museum houses numerous painting collections of the 19th century. It was created after the promulgation of the dogma of the Immaculate Conception in 1854. The room is mainly reserved to display paintings of this theme.

The Immaculate Conception room is located just beside the Raphael Room of the Vatican Museum. The room was planned by Pope Pius X who commissioned Francesco Podesti to make the various paintings displayed inside the Immaculate Conception room. Most of the themes that Podesti worked for on his paintings are on Roman art and academe which is commonly a subject of some help with dissertation and proper essay writing. Scholars have given significant interest about the Immaculate Conception and give high regard to the image in most of their written works. One of the frescoes displayed is about the coronation of the Immaculate Conception image. Most of the celebrations that took place depicted in the paintings inside the Immaculate Conception room is about allegorical figures. You can also find paintings that show some episodes from the Old Testament. The room underwent some restoration in 2006 and was transformed into an admirable beauty of the restored room from the 1800’s. An analysis of the typology of colors in the 19th century were undertaken in order to make a better looking and larger fresco inside the room. Some paintings were frescoed on the large walls of the vault inside the room.